Kendra McKinley, Nahuel Bronzini - Poor Boy - by Kendra McKinley

from by Nahuel Bronzini



Kendra McKinley writes songs about people she's met, places she's been, thoughts she's thought. Her song "Poor Boy" was written as a portrait of an old friend. She currently resides in San Francisco.


Poor boy with a feather in his hat
Hides inside his denim and his plaid.
He's waiting for the day that his idols will whisk him away
To a place he holds inside a paisley frame.

Poor boy at an oceanside bazaar
Buys a portrait of a man with a guitar
And hopes one day to be as idolized as he.

But every costume that covers up his tiny shoulders,
Keeps him from moving keeps him from growing older.
He finds solace in the folks that'll never know his name.
Is it fear or naiveté that is to blame?

Poor boy uses whiskey, beer, and wine
To build his friendships and pass the time.
They help him to forget all the years of neglect.

And every wine-stained word that spills onto the evenings
About his longing for romance, about his poverty, his grieving,
Seem to float past the ears he so long has revered.
In his dreams he's an artist, a genuine cavalier.

Poor boy I've seen you before
Lying there upon the floor,
Clutching to a cigarette
Like chips in a game of roulette.
How long do you plan to stay
tucked inside your hideaway
Where no one dares to poke or pry,
Won't you answer, poor boy, tell me why?

Poor boy can be found inside his room
Playing a song to peel back the gloom.
He's seated in his throne, just a poor boy skin and bones.
Safe inside his kingdom all alone.


from The String Quartet Experience, released December 3, 2015
Music and Lyrics - Kendra McKinley
Voice and Guitar - Kendra McKinley
String quartet arrangement performed by the Amaranth Quartet
Arranged for string quartet by Nahuel Bronzini



all rights reserved


Nahuel Bronzini San Francisco, California

Nahuel Bronzini is an Argentinean guitarist and composer currently based in San Francisco.
Bronzini's music explores themes of nostalgia and longing, navigating sonorities from both the contemporary classical world as well as jazz and other pop culture related music.
He is also currently involved in several music projects with bay area artists taking the role of performer arranger and/or producer.
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